Banners to Bags

Banners to Bags for New Beginnings – Program ended 2015

bags1Are you looking for a small way to keep your business green?  Recycling old materials that you don’t want or reusing banners and signs for a new purpose? Davinci Sign Systems is providing an opportunity to do this AND help out your local community at the same time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

You must be asking yourself at this point – how do I get involved in this? Here’s how: drop off your old banners at Davinci or at our two new drop-off spots: the new locations include United Way at 424 Pine St, Fort Collins, CO and Project Self Sufficiency at 375 W 37th St #150, Loveland, CO. The banner material can be made of nearly any fabric, from cloth, vinyl, and awning covers, as well as fabric sign faces. The banners will be repurposed into bags, which will be sold into the local community. The neat part about this? Each bag is entirely unique from each sign, so you are guaranteed to have a bag unlike anyone else’s!

bags2You can buy the bags at the United Way location or at the DaVinci office. 100% of the proceeds go to United Way. This event helps support Mission wear, a non-profit business run by women who are in recovery from addiction, prostitution, incarceration, felony and homelessness. Mission Wear is a place for them to start over; feel the grounding force of employment as they begin to pick up their pieces and put everything back together.

Drop Off Locations:

Davinci Sign’s
4496 Bents Drive
Windsor, CO
United Way
424 Pine St.
Fort Collins, CO
Project Self Sufficiency
375 W. 37th St #150
Loveland, CO

Where To Buy?IMG_2173

These bags are sold at Davinci Signs and United Way.

How much?

$35 a piece

Have more questions?

Call us at 970-203-9292