Send Off For Janay Deloach

  Janay Deloach is an Olympic Athlete who competes in the women’s long jump. She finished with a bronze metal in 2012 and after numerous injuries over the past 4 years she is fighting her way back to the games in Rio. In 2013, she broke her foot which required 2 surgeries and 3 months… read more

Davinci at the Lagoon Summer Concert Series

Lagoon Summer Concert Series We enjoyed spending our evening last night watching Winchester Holidayperform at the Lagoon Summer Concert Series! As a proud sponsor, we handed out free goodies such as coffee mugs and dog leashes. Be sure to join us for the last concert on Aug 3rd to watch Danielle Ate the Sandwich!  … read more

DaVinci Sign Systems Launches 2014 United Way Campaign

When the time came to plan for their 2014 United Way campaign, the employees at DaVinci Sign Systems found themselves without a coordinator and with a busy schedule that left them with little time or energy to put together a company presentation. They still wanted to have a relationship with United Way, however, after they… read more