Brighton Crossings Development

2022 Coolness Competition Winner in Over 100 Square Foot Category

World Sign Associates has just announced its 2022 Coolness Competition winners. It will be the fourth year in a row that DaVinci has taken top honors in the Coolness Competition. For the largest category, over 100 square feet of signage, DaVinci has taken First Place for its Brighton Crossings sign system, which features monument signage and large lantern structures with LED lighting. 

DaVinci Sign Systems, Inc. is consistently in the national award rosters for World Sign Association.  In 2020, Painted Prairie for David Weekley captured a First Place slot, and in 2021, City of Superior gateway signage won First Place and Best of Show.

Photo credits Nic Rentfrow and Eric Senesac, Sales Manager DaVinci Sign Systems, Inc.