Channel Letter – Custom Sign Lettering

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Channel letters are used in dimensional, custom sign lettering typically found on the exterior of buildings or on monument signs. They are typically made from metal or plastic (or a combination).

The channel is typically formed from sheet metal, usually aluminum so it doesn’t rust. This channel forms the shape for the letter, which can be created using any custom shape imaginable. Channel letters typically have backs and sides made of metal. They are often painted and then are filled with lighting components such as neon tubes or LEDs. The front of the channel letter is often covered by translucent, colored acrylic, which illuminates nicely at night when the lights are turned on.

Sometimes, for effect, the fronts of channel letter signs are covered with a clear acrylic, which allows the neon tubes to be visible. The acrylic protects the sign interior and keeps birds from nesting inside the letters.

Channel letters may also be reversed out, so the metal is the visible part of the letter and the lighting shines from the back. At night, this creates a halo, outlined effect around the letters.