Northern Colorado Community Involvement

DaVinci Sign Systems believes in supporting their communities through sponsorships and community activities, including:

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United Way Campaign

 DaVinci Sign Systems and it’s employees are big supporters of United Way! We are almost to our company goal of $10,000! United Way is an non-profit organization that raises money to help other local non-profit organizations and the families in our communities.

2017 CSU Lagoon Summer Concert Series

DaVinci Sign Systems was a proud sponsor of the CSU Lagoon Summer Concert series again this year.

It was a fun year with an awesome bike give-away and a great turnout!




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2016 Best of Colorado Business Choice Awards Identifies

DaVinci Sign Systems as the BEST SIGN COMPANY in Colorado!


Featured Project:

Woodward, Fort Collins, CO –  Corporate Headquarters
1081 Woodard Way
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524, USA





Single sided entry monument with 14″ deep stainless steel LED illuminated letters and logo.  Base is constructed of CMU with Tredstone decorative concrete. 










Single sided non-illuminated directional sign constructed of aluminum with rolled faces. All directional graphics are reflective film.










Lagoon-Concert-Series-1024x1024DaVinci Sign Systems is a Proud Sponsor of  The Lagoon Concert Series! Come check out live music from some of the best local bands, in the beautiful setting of the Colorado State University lagoon–and it’s FREE! Plan to pack your blanket, lawn chairs and picnic gear to join us for eight weeks of great music and activities Wednesday nights. Sign up below for the free e-newsletter for updates and stop by the DaVinci booth to meet our team.



Jodie Bell Animal House Help fund raiser

Dear Family and Friends of Jodie,

To honor the lovely Jodie Bell, DaVinci supports the organization of a $10,000 fund-raising drive to sponsor the new cat adoption center opening at Animal House in 2017. Animal House is a no-kill dog rescue in Fort Collins. They are partnering with the Fort Collins Cat Rescue to open a cat adoption center at their new home, which they’ll be moving into later this year. The cat adoption center at Animal House will support rescue and adoption of feline leukemia and FIV kitties that can’t be housed with the healthy cats at the FCCR. Information on the Animal House “Follow Us Home” campaign and the new shelter can be found here: This cause is close to Jodie’s heart and home, and having Jodie’s name on this center will be the most fitting of memorials to our dearest warm & fuzzy Jodie!

Please help us dedicate the Cat Adoption Center to Jodie. There 3 ways to contribute:



1. Donate online at the Animal House website link:
you must specify that your donation is for the “Jodie Bell Memorial, Follow Us Home Campaign”

2. Make a check out to Animal House and mail it to:

Follow Us Home Campaign, Jodie Bell Memorial
Animal House Rescue and Grooming
1104 West Vine
Fort Collins, CO 80521
Be sure to write “Jodie Bell Memorial, Follow Us Home Campaign” on your check

3. Bring a check made out to Animal House to Jodie’s Celebration of Life on April 30th (Agave Room at The Rio, Fort Collins, 5-8 p.m.)
Be sure to write “Jodie Bell Memorial, Follow Us Home Campaign” on your check

All contributions are tax deductible.

Jodie Bell Animal House Help davinci sign systems




2013 Fort Collins Peach Festival

Proudly presented by the Rotary clubs of Fort Collins and Colorado State University
















Rotary’s 3rd annual peach festival at Hughes Stadium, great weather, and turnout by the community, peach pie, peach margaritas, (6) different peach beers, and a short walk up the hill to watch the US Pro Challenge and Tejay fly over the dams at Horsetooth reservoir….. Life is good in Fort Collins!

DaVinci’s quirky career path – appealing or insane?

By Laura Cook Newman

A few months ago, the insipidly named DaVinci Machines Exhibit came to the Denver Pavilions. Despite its lackluster marketing efforts, I eagerly attended.

To say Leonardo DaVinci was “busy” would be like calling the Brown Palace a “motel”. Displayed in the warehouse-like space was a generous collection of replica creations he invented.

We can credit DaVinci for gadgets we use every day: pulleys, levers, ball bearings, bridges, and bicycles. A team of Colorado School of Mines’ grad students didn’t craft this laundry list of engineering wonders…only Leo.

But that was just the first room.

Traveling deeper into the cavernous exhibit hall, visitors discover his artistic side. He did this real famous painting of a subtly smiling lady. I don’t think it leaves the Louvre anymore, but yeah – at age 51, the same guy that designed deadly battle tanks, also delicately painted the Mona Lisa. Oh, and Dan Brown fans around the world can thank DaVinci for whipping up the Last Supper.

But that was just the second room.

Turning a corner, we learn about his clandestined dissection of human corpses to understand how our insides work. A little gory perhaps – and the church wasn’t too keen on it – but without an MRI machine handy in the 1500’s, you gotta make do. Because of DaVinci, posters of the original Grateful Dead are plastered on the walls of med students’ dorm rooms worldwide: The Vitruvian Man.

But that was just the third room.

Then he composed some music, penned some books, and just for kicks, he scribed everything backwards. If they had trophies for signing, dancing and acting back then, I’m sure he would’ve pulled a Whoopi Goldberg and EGOT’ed too.

And that was the forth room. Please exit through the gift shop.

When we think of being a Renaissance Man – Leonardo, not Oprah – is the person who started it. DaVinci (b. April 15, 1452 – d. May 2, 1519) died at 67: an insanely old age for that era, but only two years into retirement by today’s standards.

Experiencing this exhibit got me thinking about career paths. Assuming we get our first job in our teens, we could work for 50+ years. Do you want to punch the same clock for five decades, or do you have a little Leo in you?

Career path aesthetics: If it were bedding, would your career path look like a kaleidoscopic, hand-stitched patchwork quilt? Or a monochromatic, machine-made comforter purchased at a big box store in Beigeville?

Career path map: If it were a board game, would your path play like Candy Land: wiggling in circuitous manner – sometimes stuck in the Molasses Swamp – sometimes taking a shortcut through Gumdrop Pass? Or would it play out more like Connect Four: linear, strategic, and ever-ascending?

Please don’t misunderstand. A beige, linear career path is nothing to scoff at. But what happens when you stop working (by choice or not)? What will you do to earn a living or simply enjoy your golden years? Although I’m sure he would receive every “Associate of the Month” certificate, I just can’t picture an elderly, blue-smocked Leonardo greeting customers at Wal-Mart.

There’s no shame in being content with your career and path as is. If the term “reinventing yourself” makes you conjure up images of Madonna in a pointy bra, let’s call it something else. An “enhancement” may suit you better. Take what already exists and sculpt it (BTW, DaVinci was a master at that too) to complement the current and future you.

Fingers-crossed, there’s a lot of living left to do. Perhaps you can’t go all “DaVinci” and tinker on flying machines in your spare time. But what else in your toolbox is worth exploring, both professionally and personally, to diversify and sharpen your skill set?

Laura Cook Newman is a professional Chef and Training Manager for a Fortune 500 food manufacturer. She earned her chops at Johnson & Wales University, has an MBA in Marketing and hosts a blog for behind-the-scenes insights on the food service industry. Contact her at