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What's Your Purple Cow?

In the book Purple Cow*, author Seth Godin declares that the key to success is to find a way to stand out—to be the purple cow in a field of uninteresting brown ones. This concept rings true in virtually every business or organizational situation.

Signage can turn your company into a Purple Cow! DaVinci Sign Systems’ mantra, ‘The Art and Science of Identification’ WILL work for you.

Whether it’s a digital wrap for your company vehicles, a new electronic message center (EMC), or a series of exterior wayfinding banners, a thoughtful, well-planned signage system can completely transform the way your business looks and feels to the customer or client.

*Seth Godin, Purple Cow, Penguin Publishing Group, 2009

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Location, Location, Location

The minute you investigate a sign placement with a DaVinci professional, you find out what limitations you might have due to code, regulations, and just plain visibility.

Signage has to fit and comply with certain parameters. How far away are your customers when they can see your sign? How fast are they traveling? Is there a traffic light that stops customers before they get to your business?

In these situations, DaVinci Sign Systems can devise a cohesive plan for your sign selection, size, and budget that will ensure your signage keeps working for your business for years to come!

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Design Matters

Seamless, professional design requires planning and professionalism. Want to look high-end?  There’s a design template for that. Need to look low-cost but effective? Yes — you can, with well-selected fonts and colors.

Sizing and placement of design elements on a building, banner, freestanding, or monument sign is critical, and most wisely assigned to trained pros.

DaVinci Sign System maintains a full-time design staff that daily produces exquisite design renderings ready for firm quotes, fabrication, and installation.

All in all, growing your business requires a financial commitment and a smart selection of professionals who support you. DaVinci wants to be a part of your overall marketing team.  Since 2004, we’ve been the premier high-end sign company for all of Colorado, Wyoming, and Western Nebraska. Call us today at 970.203.9292 or visit our extensive portfolio to get brainstorming on your next growth cycle!