1Lagoon Concert-Janay-30Janay Deloach is an Olympic Athlete who competes in the women’s long jump. She finished with a bronze metal in 2012 and after numerous injuries over the past 4 years she is fighting her way back to the games in Rio. In 2013, she broke her foot which required 2 surgeries and 3 months without weight on it. Her leg muscles atrophied. Then, she tore her right quad. After that she decided the leg would not be ready, no matter what she did, and switched her jumping foot. That has proven to be a challenge of its own. Even now, she is still working on timing and consistency jumping from her right leg. She barely qualified for the Olympic team during the track and field trails in on July 2, in Eugene, Oregon. With her final jump, she was sitting at 7th and needed to place in the top 3 to qualify for the team. On her last one, she leaped — and hit 22 feet, 9 inches (6.93 meters). Deep breath. Third place. A handful of jumpers remained. She paced the sidelines and prayed. No one else surpassed her and now she’s headed to Rio de Janeiro.1Lagoon Concert-Janay-35

On August 4th, we invited Janay to the final Lagoon Summer Concert to give her a send off from the Fort Collins community.  As Janay said she would be leaving on Sunday for Rio the crowd erupted and a big smile came across her face. She shared her story of her struggles and her excitement for the upcoming games. Afterwords, photos were taken and even some donations were made as Janay talked about how she was trying to raise money to send her family as well.

The qualifying heat is on Tuesday Aug. 16th at 6:05 pm and the final heat is on Wednesday Aug. 17th at 6:15 pm.  We wish her the best as she competes for gold!

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