Electronic Messaging Center Signs

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Not all Electronic Message Center (EMC) signs are created equally!

EMC signs are usually categorized by their amber color and ability to program a digital message that dances across the sign to attract customers and prospects.

DaVinci Sign Systems creates quality fabricated custom LED (light emitting diode) electronic signs that capture the attention of your clients and prospects. We guarantee that the LED display signs we create are exactly what you are looking for because we work to understand your business and your needs before moving forward with the electronic message center project.

There are many features of electronic message center signs that you will want to consider before choosing this as your preferred sign type.

For example, if there are 2 identical LED signs sitting next to each other, the one with the most pixels and least pitch will have a greater resolution. The pitch describes the distance between the center of one pixel to the center of the next pixel. It is important to work with sign experts so you do not overpay for a high LED resolution you don’t need, but instead, find one that works well for your resolution requirements.

You will also want to determine if your company should go with a color or monochrome LED sign. Color LED signs can be more effective for some company applications. For example, a highly credited graphic design company may benefit from having a color LED sign, while a tax company’s engagement will not be affected by choosing either a monochrome or color LED sign. When determining color, it is important to recognize that not all cities and counties allow colored LEDs, and most regulate that the only color it can display is the standard amber.

DaVinci’s EMC signs allow you to change the message that displays because of its digital characteristics and LED features. Program the electronic message center sign to display promotions, specials, or hours.


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