Monument Signs

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A monument sign is a permanent, exterior freestanding sign that is not affixed to a building. This kind of sign either sits directly on the ground on a concrete foundation or is on a low base that makes the sign highly visible and easy to read from the street level. Monument signs are ideal for entries to buildings and businesses that sit back from the road, which can make standard exterior signs difficult to see.

Monument signs may be made from stone, glass, stucco, brick, aluminum, steel, or other long-lasting materials. The base materials are typically complementary to the materials used on the exterior of the building or in surrounding landscaping materials. Monument signs are designed to be durable and resistant to our local winds, hail, snow, and everything else that Mother Nature dishes out.

Channel letters are typically used for lettering on a monument sign, or the lettering may be engraved or etched into the sign construction material. LED electronic message centers may also be incorporated into a monument sign to make it easy to communicate with customers.

Monument signs are ideal for businesses, churches, school campuses, neighborhoods or communities, shopping centers, and more – perfect for any place you want to make a lasting statement.

When you choose DaVinci to create a monument sign for your business or organization, we will help you choose the materials, color, lettering style, illumination, and more, all to help you communicate the right message to leave the right impression.

Permitting for monument signs in most cities or jurisdictions is very detailed and specific to many physical limitations such as height, setback from property line, and square footage on area of display. Every entity has a different formula for figuring the items above and staying within the guidelines can be very intricate.

Before beginning the planning for your monument sign, we recommend talking to a zoning official, sign code expert, or DaVinci Sign salesperson to determine exactly what you can do legally.

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