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Neon signs use electrified, luminous tube lights that contain rarefied (the gas pressure in the tube is below atmospheric pressure) neon or other gasses. When electricity is applied to electrodes that are inserted through the glass, the gas glows from the electrical discharge. The different colors used in neon signs can come from the kind of gas used in the glass tube or from coloring the glass.

With the recent push for signs to be more energy efficient, DaVinci is doing less and less neon work. We do still work with neon, but it is usually for a certain type of customer looking for a vintage or classic sign that includes exposed glass.

It is very difficult to replicate neon tubing with the new LED products out on the market; they are not as bright and vibrant as the actual glass tubing. In our opinion, they will never replace the look of a nice neon sign.

Another factor in neon signs is cost. Neon tube benders are specially trained craftsmen; the good ones are hard to find and do charge for their expertise. But if you are looking for a custom neon sign to tell just the right story of your brand, we would love to talk with you about what you are looking for.