Meridian Metropolitan District signage

Meridian Pitch Deck download DaVinci Sign Systems, Inc. provided a turnkey solution for rebranding the Meridian Metro District near Parker, CO.  A total of (14) different displays, towers, monuments, and masonry compose most of the work.  RGB computer-controlled LED lighting in the (5) towers allow it to be changed via a cell phone.

The multimillion-dollar project which took approx. (2) years to complete, had many zoning, permitting, and engineering issues never seen before in this type of signage work. FAA permits, easements, utility relocation, surveying, engineering, added up to a total of 6-8 months to obtain sign permits even after they were previously approved.

The project included displays in a variety of lighting, from solar power to a 1,200 sq./ft V-shaped monument setting at the end of an airport runway. There are (9) pylon signs ranging from 8 feet to 50 feet tall. The 50-foot pylons were the biggest challenge. There are no externally visible supporting structures for the four 8’x44’ translucent, illuminated faces; even the dividers and retainers are translucent, creating soft and homogenous lighting with no hot or cold areas in each 400 sq./ft. face.  Project Manager Al Lowrie, along with the entire production, design, and installation team of DaVinci Sign Systems, Inc. delivered the solution.

A trussed frame design was created to bear the combined 4,400-lb. weight of the faces along the vertical corners.  Each of the individual (44) acrylic face panels had to carry its 100-lb. weight only by the ends of each sheet.  Thermal expansion from outside temperature changes required a floating support system which carried the weight on shoulder bolts to allow for movement.

The structures have active cooling, water drainage, lightning protection, and bird deterrent systems. There is 1.25 miles of 5-pair wiring and a service ladder up the center. Each pylon has 1,056 feet (65,000 lumens) of RGBW LEDs with 28 DMX addresses, plus its own DMX Universe and cellular modem.  The pylons are programmed via an online Cloud Portal and controllable by cell phone.  Sports, holidays, and special event themes can be planned and scheduled from anywhere months in advance.

Original concept designs by ArtHouse of Denver, final design, shop drawings, and engineering by DaVinci team.

*design concept by ArtHouse of Denver, CO