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DaVinci Sign Systems, Inc. was founded in 2004 with the mission of providing superior design and quality in all types of signage, identity branding tools, and electronic message centers to businesses large and small in the immediate area and beyond. DaVinci prides itself on The Art And Science of Identification and has earned a superior reputation among customers and the trade sector over the years. DaVinci Sign Systems, Inc. has deep experience servicing fluorescent, neon, and LED signs – including LED digital displays (EMCs), as well as HID and LED parking lot and area lighting. We also provide technical and standard site surveys, permitting and variance services, and can install all types of building and freestanding signs. Interior lighting maintenance and group re-lamping are also available. A few things we do that tend to set us apart from other sign and lighting companies:

1. We photographically document our repairs. For both signs and parking lot lighting, if we do any work other than provide a simple lamp change, such as replacing a bad ballast, burnt wiring or sockets, etc., we will take a picture of the old part before it is removed and another of the new part after it has been installed in its place. The reason this is important is that you cannot otherwise know that the service company is actually providing the parts and service that you are being billed for;

2. We provide a lighting plot plan that alphanumerically identifies each parking lot and exterior building light fixture. This is so that we, and you, can maintain a history of exactly what has been done to a particular fixture and ensure that all warranties are honored during subsequent service calls; and

3. When repairing parking lot lighting, we don’t change out a complete ballast kit when it is just the capacitor that has malfunctioned. If you have never been billed for a capacitor, then you have likely paid for ballast kits that you didn’t need or didn’t receive. Sometimes it is not the ballast itself that has reached EOL (End of Life) but rather the capacitor – which is a component of the ballast kit. We don’t change out a ballast kit when just replacing the capacitor will do and we don’t just change out the capacitor and charge for an entire ballast kit. 

DaVinci Sign Systems Boon Truck

DaVinci Sign Systems Equipment List:

42’ and 44’ Terex Bucket Trucks

65’ Elliott and Altec Crane Trucks

43′ Elliot Crane Truck

14’ Dump Trailer

20’ and 24’ Flatbed Trailers

12’, 14’, 26’, 34’, and 38’ Ladders 

Plant and Onsite Forklifts

Loaders, Haulers, and Site Prep Equipment

National Sign Programs, Installations, Maintenance, and Repairs

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