Electronic Message Centers (EMCs)

Northglenn Recreational sign

An electronic message center is a sign that is capable of displaying words, symbols, figures, or images that can be electronically changed by remote or automatic means.  Electronic message centers can have a great effect on the reduction of advertising dollars and real-time communication with your customers, members, and clients because of the ability to change messaging instantly.  EMC’s can be a smart investment for any business that needs to communicate frequently or would benefit from full-color advertising graphics that can be live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  DaVinci Sign Systems, Inc. specializes in electronic message centers of all sizes and applications.  When combined with monument signage, they are attractive, permanent fixtures with interactivity desirable in virtually all organizational and business applications.

Channel Letter Signage

Channel letters or pan-channel letters are essentially large individual letters that are commonly used as exterior signage for businesses and retail centers.  They can be made of metal, plastic, or other materials.  There are four basic types of channel letters you need to know as a business owner or decision-maker:  1.  Standard Front-Lit Channel Letters, 2. Halo-Lit Letters, 3. Front/Back-Lit Channel Letters, 4. Open-Face Lit Channel Letters.  Your DaVinci Sign Systems, Inc. sales specialist can further ‘illuminate’ this information to help you make the best decision for your business signage.  This signage type is one of the most common types of building signage because it can be adapted for most locale regulations and it can combine seamlessly with a building.

Monument Signage

Windsor Gateway sign

A monument sign, generally, is a freestanding sign that is detached from a structure or building and sits on the ground on a solid base with no exposed architectural supports.  Often, monument signs have components of granite, stone, rock, brick,or other heavy materials that lend stability and weight.  A monument sign can be combined with an electronic message center for the ultimate in branding and communicating with customers, members, or clients.  DaVinci Sign Systems, Inc. has specialized in monument signage since 2004, and many of our signs are seen in city gateway signs (Superior, Windsor) and retail centers (Centerra in Loveland, Johnstown Center, and many others).  In fact, monument signage is appropriate for most businesses when regulations and space allow.

Wall or Blade Signs

Penrose Taphouse and Eatery in Fort Collins COWall or blade signs, as they are often called, are attached to or extend from a wall, as in this fine example for Penrose Taproom by DaVinci Sign Systems, Inc.  Wall signs are quite common and can include components such as cabinets, differing types of illumination such as neon or LED, and any other multimedia approach.  The Penrose Taproom signage actually includes 2 real pickaxes mounted in the frame.  Many businesses and organizations use a combination of channel letters and wall signs in varying sides and areas of a building.

Neon, LED, And Illuminated Signage

Meridian Pylon

The Meridian Metropolitan District pylon signs (as shown above) in Englewood, CO are an excellent example of illuminated signs.  DaVinci Sign Systems, Inc. has designed, fabricated, and installed literally thousands of illuminated signs which can have as a source of illumination, neon, LED, or solar lighting.  Aside from the obvious, which is visibility at night, illuminated signage can add class, attractiveness, and safety to any business or organizational landscape.  Notably, LED lighting has been used in architectural sculptural signage, such as the just-completed Meridian Metropolitan District’s 50-foot pylons just completed by DaVinci through Art House of Denver, CO.  In fact, illuminated lighting applications are literally endless.  Browse through our portfolio for examples of DaVinci Sign Systems’ innovative work in lighting!

Digital Graphics

Digital graphics can be applied to just about anything:  walls, buildings, windows, or even moving items such as boats, vehicles, trailers, and recreational vehicles.  Moving graphics can be some of the most effective advertising because it is a fluid approach to reaching customers without any added cost.  Wall graphics can be an affordable method of creating a professional entrance impression in a building.  Window graphics can be full color and still functional as windows, yet touting products and services all the while.  DaVinci Sign Systems offers the full gamut of digital graphics; our fine professional designers are ready to discuss your upcoming project.