Why Go Digital?

33% Higher Revenues On Average*

80% of retailers have noticed up to a 33% increase in sales after implementing electronic message centers, along with a 24% increase in foot traffic.  67% of consulters tend to enter a store for the first time because of a digital sign that appeals to them.  Internally, digital signage reduces perceived wait time by at least 35%, which adds to customer satisfaction and ultimately, market share.

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60% of businesses that currently don’t have electronic message centers plan to invest in DIGITAL within 2 years.

With rising pressure to deliver for customers, businesses have to work harder than ever to be competitive.  Don’t get left in the dust on being the FIRST in your category to add or upgrade your signage to digital!  New technologies make maintaining an electronic message center easier than ever.

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33% Higher Revenue Associated with Upgrading to Digital Signage

90% of The Information Transmitted to The Brain Is Digital

Digital Signage Increases Brand Awareness by 47.7%

Digital Displays Capture 400% More Views Than Static Ones

Digital Signage Bumps Up The Average Purchase Amount by 29.5%

80% of customers choose to enter stores after seeing digital signage

Get On Board with Digital!


Through a new supplier partnership, DaVinci can offer technology that is the first and only full function mobile software for EMCs:

– Quick and Easy to Use

– Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android Compatible

– No Setup, Just Log In and GO!